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The Eastbots a student-run FIRST Robotics team in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We were semi-finalists at the State Championship in 2016 and finalists at the Raleigh District event in 2017. We are raising money to compete in 2018's FIRST POWER UP competition, we are looking forward to a great year!

Thanks to Ryan Pecaut for the wonderful robot picture!

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  • Jill, Ken, Kobe & Miya (Seattle family) donated "Seattle family says, 1. Good luck! 2. Have fun! 3. It's ok to dominate! ;) " - via Evan Dischinger
  • Patty Dischinger donated "In memory of Evans grandparents who would of loved to see what Eastbots can accomplish." - via Evan Dischinger
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  • Rebecca Poe Watts donated "The team members name is Eric not Brendan Merritt " - via Brendan Merritt
  • New year, new team, more fundraising!

    Hello everyone, we are super excited to start the 2016/17 season with a whole host of new members! This years game is steampunk themed and looks to be a whole lot of fun, on January 7th we find out what it is all about! Help us get there by donating and sharing this page. Thank you

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  • Weixing Huang donated "A good team.Wish getting more congression" - via Steve Tell
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  • Charlotta Sjoelin donated "Well done and good luck next time:)!"
  • Timeline 250

    $250 First Funds Power Grant™ achieved

    Our team just raised $250 with Edco and earned another $250 through the First Funds Power Grant™.

    Help us grab the next grant: $50 for 50 donors. Share this link with friends and family today. https://4795.ed.co/eastbots

  • Anne Clark donated "Great job, Eastbots! You have worked hard!"
  • The Castleberry Family donated "Outstanding performance at regionals. Keep up the good work!"

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